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Tutorial #8

How to make:

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The picture I started with.

I started off with smoothening her skin a little bit. To do that, I switched from Edit in Standard mode to Edit in Quick mask mode. You can do that by clicking on the white circle in the grey box which you can find somewhere at the bottom of your tools window. (To go back to the Standard editing mode, click on the symbol next to it).

When you have switched to Quick mask mode, you'll notice that your foreground colour and background colour have switched to black and white. Make sure that your foreground colour is black (if it's white, click the little arrow between the two squares). Now take a soft brush, I used quite a big one of 100px because it's a large picture. Move the brush over the parts of the skin that you want to smoothen. You'll see that it'll colour the skin red as if the person in your picture has a terrible sunburn. That means your doing it good! :D Make sure that you don't colour the lips, eyes, eyebrows and nostrils because then you'll get a pretty very odd result. If you accidentally brushed over an eye for example, no worries, just switch your foreground colour to white and move your brush over the eye and the red shade will go away again (: Handy isn't it?

Your picture should more or less look like this. HAI LOBSTER HAYLEY!

Now you have to switch back to Standard editing mode. Do that by clicking on the white circle in the white box. The red shade will disappear and now you have a selection of everything but what you brushed red. If you're not happy with the selection, you can always switch back to Quick mask mode and edit some more.

But we don't need that, we need what we did brush red. You can get that by taking one of your Marquee tools and right click on your picture with it. A little menu will pop up, pick Select inverse. Now the parts that you want to smoothen are selected. That's what we need.

The next step is the actual smoothing, which is really simple. Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur in your menu. I used a radius of 2.1 pixels, but that depends on which picture you're using. Hayley's skin was already quite smooth so it doesn't need a lot of blurring. If you're editing a picture of a person with a more rough skin, use a higher radius. After the smoothing, I though her skin looked a bit too blurry so I lowered the layer's opacity to 85% so it looked more real.

This is how my picture looks after the smoothening.


I am a big fan of Hayley's hair. It's just so... wow. But in this picture it looked a bit too dull for my liking, so I made it brighter. Make a selection of the hair in the same way you did the face. Switch to Quick mask mode brush over her hair, switch back to Standard editing mode and select inverse. Once you have the selection of the hair, press Ctrl + J to duplicate your selection. You'll see on your layer palette that there's a new layer with just the hair now. In your menu, go to: Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Selective Color. Before you press OK, make sure to tick the 'Use previous layer to create clipping mask' box. Otherwise you'll adjust the colours of the entire picture. If you tick the box, only the colours of the hair will be adjusted. For this picture, I used these settings:

Cyan: -100
Magenta: +34
Yellow: +95
Black: +15

Cyan: +100
Magenta: +39
Yellow: +44
Black: +6

Cyan: +45
Magenta: +14
Yellow: -16
Black: -1

For this picture I adjusted the Reds and Yellows a lot. That's because, obviously, Hayley's hair is Red/orange/yellow. Once again, if you're using a different picture, don't use the exact same settings. You have to play around with the setting yourself and see what looks best on your picture.

After the Selective colouring.


In this picture, I added some lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and a tiny bit of blush.


Make a new layer (ctrl +N) on top of your other layers and select a smaller, soft brush. Colour her lips with the brush (I used the colour #EF0028). It'll look really funny, but that's okay, we'll change that in a second. When you're done with colouring, set your layer to Multiply. This will make the lips a lot darker. But like that, it's too dark, so I lowered the opacity to 37%. I don't like too much make-up on Hayley's face because she's already really good looking without it. But if you're photoshopping a picture of a person that looks damn good with make-up, try out some different colours and play with the opacity too a bit.

What we have so far (:

Eye colour

Hayley has nice, green eyes. But it would look a bit better of the colour of her eyes would be a bit brighter. I think it goes really nice with her hair. To make the eye colour brighter, select the irises of the eye (the coloured part xD). Duplicate them, like you did with the hair and then go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. If you want, you can even change the eye colour like this, but I like green, so I stuck to that (to change the eye colour, adjust the hue). To start making her eyes brighter, I used (more or less, I don't have the exact settings for this pic anymore) these settings:

Hue: +21
Saturation: +32
Lightness: 0

I wasn't entirely satisfied with that, yet, so I adjusted some more, this time I played around with the Color balance.

Image -> Adjustment -> Color Balance

Midtones: +14 +19 -10
Shadows: +12 +11 +6
Highlights: -17 -3 +14

If you think the eyes are too bright now, lower the opacity.

The result!


This is a very easy thing to do. Just take a large, soft brush (I took 220px for this picture) and use a red/pink colour to brush the cheeks. If the brush covers the hair or parts of the face that you don't want to be covered, just simply erase them.

Kinda silly, huh?

This is, of course, way too bright. Lower the opacity until you think it looks good. Again, I really like Hayley's natural appearance so I lowered the opacity to only 16%.

It's starting too look good, don't you think? (:

Eye shadow:

Apply the eye shadow in the exact same way as you did with the blush, only use a smaller brush this time and be a bit more careful. For Hayley, I used orange to go with her hair. Instead of putting the layer to Normal like with the blush, I put it on Multiply this time to give it a little bit more depth. Again, lower the opacity until you're satisfied (:

Almost done!


This is a very precise thing to do and sometimes very nerve wrecking I must admit xD But nothing we can't do! The basics of it are the same as the blush and the eye shadow. Only this time you have to be quite precise otherwise the eyeliner will look like shit. To start, zoom in on the eye until your computer screen is pretty much entirely filled with one eye. Then take a black, small and soft brush. I used a brush of 7 pixels which is actually too big, but it's easier to erase afterwards than to do it perfectly fine with a smaller brush. Draw a line underneath the eye with the black brush. It'll look horrible, but that's fine. Now take your eraser tool (also use a soft eraser) and erase all the bits that you think are too much. If you erase a bit too much, no problem, just take a smaller brush (3 pixels or so) and add again. I almost never get it perfect with just the brush and eraser. That's why when I'm almost satisfied, but can't change much anymore with the brush or eraser, I take the smudge tool. You can find that underneath the eraser. If it's not there, right click on the symbol that you see underneath the eraser and then a little menu should pop up. Select the smudge tool. I made my brush 12 pixels and then I carefully dragged it over the line so it smudged a little bit.

Mine looks like this now.

It still doesn't look good enough for me (I'm hard to satisfy when it comes to things like this xD), so I lowered the opacity to 54%

Better, right?


This one's very easy. Take a brush, whatever size you prefer and select a colour you like, I took green because I thought it would look pretty on her, and colour your shirt. When you're done, set your layer to colour and voilà! If you think that the colour isn't entirely what you wanted, go to Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation and play around with those settings a bit (Like I said before, you can use Hue to change the colour).


As a finishing touch, I duplicated my base (the bottom layer) and dragged it to the top. I put that layer on Soft Light, opacity 26% It makes the picture a bit brighter.

And you're done!

That was quite a long tutorial and probably confusing at times so if there are any questions, just ask me and I'll help (:


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